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What is Elementum?

Elementum is a cross between a Match 3 and a Marble Shooter game—with logic puzzles thrown in for good measure! At its most basic, Elementum is a puzzle/shooter; however, the game offers much more than that. Various devices will aid or hinder your progress through each level. A device may be a simple wall, a lighted switch that alters the level in some way, an energy beam, a teleporter, or something else entirely.

Elementum Reactor

How do I play Elementum?

You control a "paddle" that holds a sphere that you shoot at other spheres inside of the white circle. When you fire, a sphere travels into the playfield and strikes other spheres, knocking them from their position as momentum is transferred from sphere to sphere (kind of like in a game of pool) until a sphere is knocked out of the field. If you have made a match of three or more of the same color sphere, those spheres disappear. As a final twist, you must catch the sphere that has been knocked out of the playfield before it leaves the white circle.

What kind of computer do I need to play Elementum?

Elementum runs on PCs with Windows98, WindowsNT, WindowsXP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. It can also run on Linux computers under WINE and on Intel-based Macintosh Computers booted into Windows.

Does Elementum have cool features?

Yes! We have included a ton of player friendly features like:

  • Over 80 levels for hours, days, and weeks of fun!
  • Replay any level as often as you want
  • Take back a move if you have an "oops" moment
  • Skip a level if you want
  • Earn back skips by beating a skipped level
  • Mini Games!
  • Earn achievements and awards!
  • Multiple User Profiles - Everyone in the house can play!
  • Your progress is automatically saved, so you can stop at any time and then come right back to where you were. We never make you start back at the very beginning.

What are others saying about Elementum?

"I have to say - this is a good looking game. ... Elementum is a professional and well-crafted game which has clearly been given a huge amount of time and attention. Simple to operate but soon quite tricky to master, it's also unique enough to stand out. If you're fed up with the typical match-3 clones, this is definitely worth a look."

Graphics 95%
Sound 90%
Playability 90%
Longevity 85%
Overall Score 90%

—Andrew Williams,

"Elementum is an upcoming puzzle game being released by indie developer One Thing Studios. I played the demo recently and really enjoyed its mechanics and can see it being a decent hit for the developers. ... I'm looking forward to its full release soon and hope the full game is as good as the demo. ... Graphically, the game looks really nice, but I was really impressed by its soundtrack. The music seems like it was ripped right out of the tranquil puzzle solving world of Professor Layton! This is a great compliment in my book and will really help keep your mind on the task at hand."

—Greg Noe,

" certainly is a great game for anyone seeking a nice time-waster to play on their netbook while they pretend to write a school paper. And let’s face it, who isn’t looking for a game like that?"

—Tim Hage,

Elementum Receives a Gold Star (90%) at

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